Concrete Ship

Concrete Ship is being an authentic bridge between past and future, conveying a clear message that is important to preserve historical heritage and invest in the time to come.

Our Story


The first official idea of using concrete to build a ship dates back to 1848 France. During World War I, due to lack of raw materials, especially iron about a hundred concrete ships were built, many of which were designed and made in America. During WWII, German engineers came up with an idea of using all the advantages of concrete ships, including saving material, and started producing them. There was another important reason for this-a concrete hull was resistant to mines which were th greatest peril for ships during WWII, both rivers and seas. As these mines activated by magnetic triggers, they were completely powerless in contact with concrete.


The ship was built in year 1943, at Ostwin, with the clear instruction, to be strong as a Germany“.

There are only three ship survivors from that time. One named “Capella” is positioned at the Maritime Ship Museum, on the Warnow River in Rostock, second one “Loyality” is in Bremen and the third one is ship that we are presenting.

After the WWII, the ship was converted into the residential ship.

During the nineties’  ship stayed in river Sava without any residents, and it became a dwelling place for homeless people.

Up to the year 2009, ship was fully damaged and devastated.

New birth of the ship started in 2013, reconstruction was taken place from 2014 to  2016.


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The Virtual Ships Museum

Because of its authenticity, a part of the Cultural Centre ‘Concrete Ship’ will host the Virtual Ships Museum, were pictures and stories of the destiny of Serbian ships will be exibited, together with the history of the Concrete Ship.

Exhibition space – gallery

Having in mind the best galleries of the world, we have provided a very authentic exhibition space intended for promoting cultural heritage and works of art by renowned artists. A special emphasis is to be put on supporting young unestablished artists who will get a chance to exhibit their works in this space free of charge.

Tourist Organization of Serbia and Germany

‘What to see, what to do, where to stay’ and other important information for everyone visiting our country can be found in a specially designed space of this part of the Concrete Ship.


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